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Bottom line, you won’t find extra energy, extra superior expertise or a more compact bundle anyplace. Get on right down to the local Suzuki Marine Dealer to be the first one in your block with a DF200SS. Often instances one dealer will quote mechanical control while different are quoting fly by wire or digital controls. 200 AP simply installed at Duvic’s in New Orleans $17,600 out the door. This includes NMEA wiring, digital gauge c-10, ss prop, gas and water sensors, rigging with all controls. Any calculation of value, taxes or financing costs is provided as an estimate in your reference purposes only.

  • The Mercury can rev 200 more RPM, but you possibly can see from the test the Yamaha can rev over the beneficial, they all can, and in a 4 stroke revving proper up to the RPM range is idea.
  • This design retains the outboard’s exterior clean while providing handy access.
  • Any calculation of worth, taxes or financing prices is offered as an estimate in your reference functions solely.
  • Dealer Spike is not liable for any fee information presented on this site.

With Suzuki Selective Rotation, dealers and boat builders can set up engines in either normal or counter rotation, due to specifically-designed gearing within the decrease unit and the engine’s electronic shift controls. The DF200A is equipped with a 32-bit ECM that gives precision management over motor operation, notably the ignition and fuel delivery techniques. This highly effective onboard computer screens and processes key knowledge gathered in actual-time from a collection of sensors placed in areas crucial to engine operation. Using these data the computer delivers precision control of the engine’s ignition and gasoline techniques sustaining an optimum spark and gas provide underneath all working situations.

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This design moves the center of gravity ahead for higher stability and fewer vibration. Over time, salt, sand, and filth buildup can limit move in the cooling system causing damage. To assist stop such buildup, both outboards are equipped with two freshwater flush ports that make flushing the cooling system as simple as attainable. With one port situated on the port side of the down housing and a second on the front panel, you’ll all the time have easy access to the flushing system whether the boat is in or out of the water.

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A while ago we did a whole one hundred fifty HP showdown and it was extremely well-liked article. We took full exams of all the top 150s and compared them, as finest we might, with two bass boats that were very similar. In an ideal world it will be the identical boat and everything managed to make a greater comparison but we could at least take a look at the performance, gear ratios and make some fascinating observations. With the 200 HP outboards I want to to do a deep dive however sadly we don’t have the luxurious of the same boat used in checks across manufacturers however we do have the specs and some performance knowledge. Just one have a look at the newly designed cowling of the DF200A signifies that this outboard is something particular.

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